Every Small Business needs internet connectivity. There is more to it than simply plugging everything together. Office networks need to be protected by firewalls to prevent unauthorized access. You also need software to prevent viruses and spam/spyware infections. Let us set it up properly for you.


Office Network Setup

Did you know that if it isn't set up correctly, hackers can access your network from outside your office network?

Web Site and eMail Setup

Let us set up your own website on your office server. We can also set up and manage email systems

For more website design informaton vist our main website athttp://www.mcgraphix.com

Remote VPN Connectivity

Would you like to sit at home andconnect to your office PC remotely. We can set up secure VPN connectivity for you on those snow days or days when you feel like staying at home.

Backup Systems

Unfortunatly harddisks sometimes fail. Is your data backed up? We can set up a variety of services to backup data locally or even offsite.

PC Repair
Virus & Spyware Removal

Lets face it, sometimes you just mistakenly follow a link that takes you to someplace you didn't intend. As a result, your system can become “infected” by malicious viruses or spyware. Scary huh? 

Don't worry, we know how to handle that kind of thing. We can “clean” your system up. To help prevent future problems, we can setup the latest protection applications for you. We can even train you to watch out for that kind of thing.

Hardware Sales

Unfortunately, computers don't last forever. If you have an aging system, itmay be time for an upgrade. We can help you pick the right solution.