As a relatively new blogger I have been searching for ways to increase my blog traffic. From the many searches I have done that turned up literally thousands of tips and suggestions, I have put together a small list of what I have done to increase my blog traffic. I must say that I am not sure which one of these methods generated the most traffic but they do seem to be working for me.

Write a blog post about “How to increase blog traffic”
This may be a bit humorous but I am giving it a shot with this article. I can not count how many articles I read to put together my own list. If my list is working for me it stands to reason that it may work for someone else.

Join StumbleUpon
Its free to join. You can download the Stumble Upon tool bar for your web browser. Once installed you can “Stumble” upon sites in a certain niche. You can also add/tag pages that you like. I will say that I have used this on another site I run and it worked wonders for traffic.

Join Technorati
This is another free site to join. It will list popular blogs and in there terms “Blogs that are percolating now”.

Add a link or some method for users to share your page with socical bookmark sites
Im sure that every major blogging sofware has this option, however it was not on by default. For this blog I have to manually add some code to the template. It really wasnt hard and it has generated some additional traffic.

Update blog frequently
When I first started I will admit that I got discouraged when I did not get any traffic. After taking a break for a while my interest in posting came back. I started to post an article about 4 or 5 times a week. From the research that I have read it seems that most blogs need alot of good content to start out with for users to read. After while you can then slowly increase the time in between posts.

Vary the type of blog posts
It sounds overly simple but I have found that if I vary the topics slightly (while staying within my niche) I seem to get more traffic. For example I have article about product reviews, and other article about top (enter number here) lists. I also have sprinkled in many articles about various commands and utils to use for windows and linux.

Tag blog posts
Make sure you tag the blogs posts accurately. This seems to help in visitors staying on your site to find more information.

I realize that not everyone will have the same results that I am getting. If you have other good ideas that work and would care to comment I would be more that happy to hear some more ideas.