This is a quick “How to:” article on How to move firefox bookmarks from one pc to another.
Coincidently I have been asked this several times over the last few weeks so I figured I would document it. The procedure is really very simple.

First open up Firefox if it is not already open.
Second, click on the Bookmarks menu option

Once the menu opens up select the “Organize Bookmarks” option.

Highlight the “All bookmarks” item on the left hand pane.

Then Select the “Import and Backup” button at the top.

Choose “Export to HTML”. This will create an HTML page that you can move to a new pc by email, USB Key, network transfer, etc…
This can also be used as a backup file that you can import back to the same computer if you have many bookmarks like I do.

Hope this helps someone… or at least prevents me from having to explain it again.