Another not really new but new enough phone scam is going around. 
The companies and callers could sound very legitimate using all the correct buzz words but they are just tyring to fool you into giving them your credit card.
The scam goes like this.
  • You may get a call caliming to be from “Microsoft Support” or another Computer Tech Services company claiming that your pc is infected and they they need to connect to your pc to fix it. 
  • If you fall for this, the company will charge your credit card and then pretend to fix your computer. but in reality not do anything (or could even be infecting your pc further)
  • After a couple of days a second call may come alerting you that the first caller was a scam and that for an additional large sum of money they will clean up what the first scam company did.
  • They would then charge your credit card again.
You have now be scammed twice likely by the same company.
Most of these scams orginate from outside of the USA so there is little that anyone can do to prosecute these criminals

Always use uptodate Antivirus and Antimalware software.
For some of my recommended programs please see this link

I hope this prevents even one user from falling for this.