How to Insert Degree Symbol in Microsoft Word

I recently created a post on How to insert the degree symbol in Google Docs. The post received quite a few views so I figured I would create a similar post on How to Insert a degree symbol in Microsoft Word as well.

Below is a simple word document with the word for degrees spelled out. The steps below will help you add a degree symbol (or other symbols) to your Word doc.

Degree symbol in word

First in Microsoft Word click the INSERT menu then on the right hand side in the Symbols icon group click the Symbol icon as shown below.

Symbols in Word
INSERT menu then Symbols group

If the Symbol you are looking for is not in the drop down menu (the degree symbol is not listed in this case) you can then select the More Symbols icon.

More Symbols in Word
Choose More Symbols

This will bring up a pop up box where you can select many different symbols from the list.

Microsoft Word Symbol picker

Using the scroll bar along the right hand side you can scroll down until you find the symbol you are looking for. The degree symbol is located about three or four rows down from the top.

add degree symbol word

Click to highlight the symbol you would like and press the Insert button. This should insert the degree symbol where your cursor was located. See below for the final result.

Word degree symbol results

Word Shortcut Key for Degree Symbol

An alternative method is to hold down the ALT key and press 248 on the numeric key pad on the right side of your keyboard then release the ALT key. This should also add a degree symbol to your Microsoft Word document.

We also have a Google Doc version on how to insert a degree symbol. Click for more Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks. Please feel free to share our post.