In this post I will describe two different methods to bypass a Verizon FiOS G1100 router so you can use your own firewall such as a Sonicwall firewall. Note that using these methods, Cable TV service will be disconnected. This document is primarily for a small office that has Verizon as their ISP without using cable TV.

Verizon FiOS G1100
Bypass a Verizon FiOS G1100 router

Option 1 – Bypass the Verizon FiOS G1100

After searching for the solution I came across many different solutions. I found these step and added a few adjustments for what worked for me.

  1. Login to the Verizon G1100 from a computer which is directly connected to one of the G1100’s LAN ports or at least connected to a switch on the same LAN.
  2. Select Wireless Settings→Basic Security Settings, and turn off 2.4 Ghz and 5 GHz wireless. Click Apply.
  3. Select Wireless Settings→Advanced Security Settings, and disable 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz SSID broadcasting. This was already off in my case.
  4. Select Firewall, and set Minimum Security for both IPv4 and IPv6. Click Apply. Not sure if this is needed but I did reduce the security level nonetheless.
  5. Select My Network→Network Connections→ Advanced. Disable the listed access points, and click Apply. These were already disabled but it is good to check just in case they are still enabled.
  6. Note the listed broadband connection. Select it, along with Settings, and uncheck Internet Connection Firewall. Set Internet Protocol to No IP Address. Click Apply. At this point, you will loose your connection to the Internet through the G1100.
  7. Click Release and then Apply.
  8. Select My Network→Network Connections→Network (Home/Office). Change the G1100’s IP address to so as not to conflict with the replacement router. Under the bridge section, check Broadband Connection (Ethernet/Coax) and uncheck both wireless APs. Change IP Address Distribution (DHCP) to Disabled.
  9. Click Apply. The Verizon G1100 is now in bridge mode, so it will no longer obtain an IP address from Verizons network. Connect your replacement router to one of the G1100’s LAN ports. From this point forward, you can interact with the G1100 by connecting a computer to its WAN port and manually assigning the computer an IP address on the network.

Option 2 – Remove the Verizon FiOS G1100 altogether

This second option seems to work when your router is connected by an Ethernet cable and not coax. This office also used a static IP address from Verizon. There seems to be some confusion as to whether you need to contact Verizon and have them provision the MAC address for your new firewall. In this case I did not need to contact Verizon.

  1. Take note of your IP address settings. (IP address, network mask, gateway and DNS servers)
  2. Simply unplug your Verizon router and leave it aside in case you need to roll back.
  3. Configure the new Sonicwall (or other firewall) wan port to use the ip address information you recorded earlier.
  4. Reboot the new device and way a few minutes for it to come back online.
  5. Test a ping to any ip address on the internet.
  6. The new firewall should now be active.

This may not work for all cases but It Fixed it for me. Please leave any comments or other solutions below.