Update Fastpanel on Centos Linux

Steps to update FASTPANEL on Centos

Here are the steps I used to update my FASTPANEL servers running on Centos manually

  • Login to the server over SSH
  • run the command ” /usr/local/fastpanel2/app/updater
  • although a reboot is not required I rebooted my server anyway to make sure everything starts correctly


FASTPANEL is a free server control panel.
From their website

FASTPANEL – simple and powerful server management panel

Create sites in a few clicks, manage mail, databases, backups, plan tasks and analyze traffic. Set and configure access rights as you like – each site can be assigned to a single user. To improve the security of your account, connect two-factor authentication.

Dynamic notifications allow you to be aware of the status of the server and sites. In addition, FASTPANEL includes a Web SSH client, site preview and a favicon editor.

More Linux Tips and Tricks

This may not work for everyone or for every version of Centos but It Fixed it for me.

Hope it helps you update your FastPanel on Centos.

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