McMahon Media is a one stop, full service company. Offering design and consultation, installation, equipment acquisition, training, and support with the best customer service.


Our audio systems are designed to accurately reproduce sound for music and movies. This allows the best listening experience for any budget. Whether its high-end music listening, home theater, critical listening, or background multi-room audio, our systems are designed to perform at their best.


A home theater brings the ultimate entertainment experience into your home. Now you can watch movies and TV from the safety and comfort of your living room or dedicated theater room. Your home theater can be a simple design with a TV and surround sound system or as elaborate as you can dream with a commercial quality sound system and projection screen.


Lighting sets the mood in any environment. Dimmable settings can highlight artwork, light up an aisle way in your private movie theater, show off furniture, landscapes, etc. Having a simple touchscreen or keypad can eliminate the wall clutter often found where many light switches or dimmers often occupy a space.


Owner Tim McMahon ran his own studio while working with many local and international musicians. Wanting to design a room that would keep up with other world-class recording studios, McMahon Media decided to offer acoustical design and construction services to studio owners and high-end home theater owners.


McMahon Media can hide your electronics systems so as not to interfere with your homes décor. Motorized lifts can hide televisions in walls, ceilings, behind artwork, or even inside furniture. Speakers can be paint matched to blend in. In your custom theater room they can be hidden behind acoustical fabric walls.


In today’s world wireless technology is all around us. Even though wireless is in our world every day, every wireless system has some degree of wiring to make them work. It’s the foundation of a well performing system whether its communications or a high end music system. A well-designed infrastructure is an absolute necessity.

“…over 20 years of experience, expertise and quality in the Audio Video Industry.”


Some of McMahon Media projects including Home Automation, Home Theaters, Smart Home Equipment, Lighting Controls and Media Rooms.

Home Theater
Home Automation
Media Room
Lighting and Shade Control
Recording Studio


McMahon Media Services designs state-of-the-art audio video and home theater systems for new and existing homes and businesses. Projects range from a single room to full-scale facilities where audio, video, communications, and control systems are integrated for entertainment, professional or educational purposes. All systems are focused around a simple, easy to use control interface.