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The Best Free Software to Install on You...

Free Software

For the students in my “Intro to Personal Computers” class. Here is a good article (not created by me) that goes over some of the many software we talked about in class. The list includes Firefox – Web Browser LibreOffice – Office Applications GIMP – Image Editing Pixlr – Image Editing Google Photos – Image Editing […]

What is using all of my disk space?

What is using all of my disk space? This is a question I get asked often. While the answer can vary greatly depending on what you do with your computer, the following app can show you in detail where the disk space is being used. (screen shot from Jam-Software website) TreeSize free (download from […]

Klok 2 – Updated Asana connector now ava

Klok 2 – Updated Asana connector now available

This week we released a completely rewritten version of the Asana connector which resolves the issues people were seeing when they had many tasks. You can install it from the Tools / Preferences / Plugins screen or download it from to the folks at Asana for updating their API to make this possible.

Klok 2.1 Released

Klok 2.1 Released

Klokwork Team Connector is coming soon. Please see for more details. The Klokwork Team Connector allows you to setup your project lists and share them among your entire team. Each team member can submit timesheet data to a centralized location for further reporting. Using this connector, you can integrate Klok with your existing time […]