For those in any type of IT related profession you have certainly come across the negative vibe that has attached itself to Windows Vista. Even though it had its share of driver problems and bugs when it first came out I believe it has grown into a fairly decent operating system. I run Windows Vista on my office desktop and have had pretty good luck with it. (Now I just jinxed myself Im sure).

Even though Vista seems better than it was I still believe that Windows XP Pro is a more stable operating system.

Enter Windows 7 beta. I realize Windows 7 is coming in a few days in beta form but I am eagerly and anxiously waiting it official release. I will be downloading and testing the new version as soon as my download finishes. I intend on testing on vmware and Microsoft Virtual machines as well as a physical machine or too. This new version is supposed to be faster, easier and more stable. I heard a rumor that it could take up to 2 years from the beta release to official release but most likely will be sooner than that.

As long it comes out of the box stable and problem free I dont mind waiting a few extra month for MS to get it right.

Stay tuned and I will post my results.