Here is one that might help someone.
I have a HP Media Center PC 7160n that would not turn on. Not even power up the fan.
I tried all of the standard things like

  • holding the power button for 10 seconds
  • removing the cmos battery and then put it back
  • switching the small red power switch back and forth on the back of the power supply
  • checked the UPS the machine was plugged into
  • checked the wall outlet the UPS was plugged into
  • disconnect all devices and hope for a green steady led on the back of the power light

After all of the above steps did not help me. I determined that it was a bad power supply.
I called HP and of course they said that the power supply that I needed was not currently available.
I ended up going to BestBuy and picking up a new power supply. I got the BFG Tech GS Series ATX 12V2.2 450 Watt Power Supply for only $67. This worked out well for me as the old power supply was only 300 Watt.

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