In looking for a simple email provider for my young daughter that would block all inappropriate emails I came across a website called The site offers a free trial for one month then is only $1 per month for each email account. The kids email account has many configurable options that allow almost total control of all incoming and outgoing email. One of the best options is the ability to have a copy of all incoming and outgoing email to be sent to a parents email address for monitoring. Another option is the ability for each account to only send and receive email to addresses that are in your contact list. A list which I might add can be locked by a parent so that every email is from a known source.

So far my daughter has really enjoyed sending email to her friends and family. And I have enjoyed knowing that any her email is spam free and from known sources.

Fot those of you that have small kids and are worried about email protection I highly recommend a account. I can not and will not guaranty that this is 100% safe but so far I have not seen any reason to be even the slightest bit concerned.

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