This one was an interesting issue. I had a client that attempted to upgrade to Internet Explorer 8.

During the install the pc hung but according to the user finished the install. After the install, when you open IE the tool bars were missing and it would not allow you to click on any links in any page that was displayed. This hung install also caused the “Internet Options” control panel applet to stop working as well.
I could not even go to microsofts site and reload the installer package again as all downloads would just make the screen flash and then nothing would happen.
I pulled out my (invaluable) USB key with my portable apps. On my USB key I had a protable version of Firefox (see my article on portable apps here ). I ran the portable version of Firefox and was then able to go to Microsoft site and download the IE8 Setup file.
After running the IE8 install again the tool bars and links started working again. It also fixed the Internet Options control panel applet to work again.
Im not sure what exactly happened during the first attempted install but downloading the IE8 setup file again Fixed It for me.
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