I have been getting a few comments here and there, online and offline aobut which apps I use on my Verizon Samsung Omnia cell phone. I thought I would post a breif description on some of the apps.

The first app I would like to mention that I use regularly is VNC (Virtual Network Computing)
This is available in many versions online so make sure you get the correct version for your phone. I installed this to the phones many menory rather that to a SD or other memory card as I would like it to be available even if the card is not installed in the phone.

This app allows me to connect to any server or pc that is running the VNC server software (also a free version availalbe from realvnc.com). I will not go into how to set the server side software up in this article.

I have used this in my own home to connect to all of my pcs in my house using my wireless network. Once connected to a wireless network I just need to enter the ip address and port that the vncserver software is running on for the pc I would like to connect to.

After I enter the password I can then see the desktop of the pc I connected to. This is similar to a PCAnywhere connection but much smaller screen size for a cell phone.

I have also used this in some of my business clients offices that have wireless network and are running the VNC software on their servers.

Granted if there was a pc available to make a remote connection with I would most likely choose that method. But for anyone that needs to administer remote machines in a pinch I highly recommend using VNC on your cell phone

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