My wife recently asked me if it was possible to sync my Outlook calendar to her calendar stored on a separate pc. At first I was not positive how to set this up as I already had my Outlook syncing to my Samsung Omnia cell phone. After a very brief search I decided to give Google Calendar Sync a try.

Google Calendar sync is a small download that I installed on my main pc that runs Outlook 2003. It runs in the task tray and periodically syncs changes to my calendar to her gmail account. As I dont have a large amount of frequent changed I set up up to sync every 8 hours but the default is every two hours.
It also has the option to sync in both directions or each direction separatly. I have set it up to sync in both directions – meaning that if I make a change in Outlook it will appear in her calendar and if she makes a change to her gmail calendar it will appear in my Outlook calendar.
The simple solution allows me to have my phone syncd to my Outlook calendar as well as my Outlook Calendar to her Gmail calendar.
I guess I dont have any more excusses to miss any more appointments 🙂