I have been teaching a class “Intro to Personal Computers” at a night school for many years. My latest class was learning about how to use email. One of my students asked if they can only have one email address. I paused for a minute and then realized that if you have never used email before the answer to that question may not be obvious.

Here are a few good reasons to have multiple email accounts.

  1. Use one for Work Email
  2. Use one for Home Email
  3. Use one for Shopping – This one will likely get a lot of spam email
  4. Use one for Social Media account – This one will likely get many notification email.
  5. One for Backup – usually used as a “recovery email address” when setting up another.
  6. Use one for Privacy

There are many other reasons as well but these are generally the most common. See the list below of some of the many email providers that can give you a free account.

Email Providers Offering Free Accounts

  1. Gmail.com
  2. Yahoo.com
  3. Outlook.com
  4. AOL.com
  5. Zoho.com