Fraud WarningPlease Share this warning on the latest Credit Card\Fraud Scam going around.

I received a message from a potential new customer that needed some work done. He stated that he could not pay by the usual Paypal or Square Credit Card processors and requested a specific credit card processor and that I would need to open a merchant account with the specific bank (RED FLAG #1). I then said I would be available to meet in person to check ID and swipe his credit card. He then stated he was out of town on a business trip and could only give me the info by phone. (RED FLAG #2).

Realizing that this is scam at this point I then informed him that this all sounds suspicious and would only do the work if he paid in full, in advance, with a certified bank check. Expecting fully that he realized I was on to his scheme, I did not expect any further response.

He contacted me a day later stating that he will be sending me a check.  Huh???

He then tells me that the work that we need to complete has to be sent to his printer and that his printer also does not take credit cards (RED FLAG #3). He continues to say that he owes his printer money and that he will send me a check for $5500 to deposit and then immediatly send his printer (by wire transfer only by the way) $4000. (RED FLAG #4).

The scam is for me to send his “printer” money with my company money then deposit a fake or doctored check that will likly bounce or be from an account that has been hacked or stolen.

It is sad that unsuspecting people or small business owners fall for this kind of thing.

If you get a call or text or email and start to see some of the above RED FLAGS please notify the police or other proper autorities.