Windows 7 used to have a convenient start menu item that would list your most recent documents. Windows 10 does not have this enabled by default. Follow these steps to enable “Recent Items” in Windows 10

Using the below steps will will add a “Recent Items” item to our Windows Explorer Quick Access list. It should look like the below screen shot.

Recent Items in Quick Access menu

Add “Recent Items” Windows 10 Explorer Quick Access

There are a few different methods to accomplish this but this seems to be the easiest. Open a Windows Explorer window and copy the below line of text into the file path text box at the top.


This will open the special folder path. In this folder you will see an item called “Recent Items” as shown below.

Recent Items

Next right click the “Recent Items” item and choose add to Quick Access.

Add “Recent Items” Windows 10 Start Menu

To add a tile that links to your Recent Document or Items on the Start menu you can follow the same steps as above but choose “Add to Start Menu” rather than the Quick Access option. You will then have a tile on your start menu that links directly to the folder as shown below. Note you may have to drag and drop the tile if the placement is not in an ideal spot. In my case I dragged it to the top of the Start Menu.

Recent Documents Summary

There are several ways to accomplish adding the above links but in my opinion the above steps were the easiest to follow and It Fixed it for me. Please add comments or suggestions below. To request help with this please open a ticket at . Please subscribe to our blog for more Tips and suggestions for Windows 10, Linux and Mac (coming soon).