Here is another post in my “Itfixed” it for me! series.

I have a server that basically used for storage space. It is attached to the network with about 2TB of disk space that is used for system backups and Oracle database backups. As my Oracle machines are Linux based I installed the Windows Services for Unix on my server. On this server I run Arcserve Backup 11.5. It backups up all of my data to tape and then the tapes are moved off site.

My issued occurred when my server was rebooted. After reboot I got the dreaded “A windows service failed to start … ” message. Upon tracking it down I found that the “User Name Mapping” service and “Server for NFS” service would not start. If I try to start them manually I would get an error about a failed dependency. These services did not have any dependencies so I was left scratching my head. Using another one of my favorite trouble shooting sites ( with the event id I found in the Windows event log I tracked it back to an RPC server issue. Anyway the problem was that Arcserve installed an update that appartently installed its own “CA Remote Procedure Call Server). Evidently this was conflicting with the Windows RPC server. The CA RPC server is supposed to detect if the port is in use and then start on a different port. For whatever reason this did not work.

My fix was to set the CA RPC Server to manual and add a registry entry to have the CA RPC server wait 4 minutes after the machine starts to register itself.

The registry entry I added is below.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareComputerAssociatesBrightStor ARCserve BackupBasePortmap

Create the DWORD DelayedRegistration.

Assign a decimal value for this key indicating the number of minutes to wait before initializing portmapper registration. Example DelayedRegistration=4

I was then able to restart the NFS services.

This may not be the only method to fix this problem but Itfixed it for me.