I have come across another free AntiSpyWare program that I thought I would post a quick review about. It is called Super Anti Spyware (I tested version 4.24.1004.

The program is available from http://www.superantispyware.com. There is a free version and a Professional version.

The main difference is you do not get real time protection or support with the free version.

The program has many configurable options including automatic starting with windows, scheduled scans, quarantining, and the option to exclude items.

I have testing the software on several PC and from what I have found so far is that the program is very thorough and does detect some infection that other anti spy and anti spam program miss.

On average it took about 45 mins for each of the pcs I tested but it really depends on the number of files and amount of data you are scanning.

For those in the IT support field this seems to be another good program to add to your bag of tricks. I also intend to tell my students about this one.

Please post a comment if you have anything to add about Super Anti Spyware