Next on my Product Review list is a program called Starter by Codestuff. I tested the latest version available from

The program is another freeware program that gives you a good insight into what is starting on your computer and how it starts.

The UI is split into sections with a windows explorer like tree on the left and a list of items on the right hand side.
There are several tabs at the top to switch between views for Startup Items, Processes and Services.
On the Startup tab clicking on any item filters the list on the right hand side accordingly. The list on the right has several columns of data available for each item. To disable any items you can simply uncheck its corresponding check box.

On the process tab is a list of all the processes that are currently running on your system. This is similar to the Windows Task Manager Process tab but Starter has added a very handy right click menu option to search the internet for info on the item selected.

On the Services tab is a list of the services (running and not running) on your pc. This is similar to the Windows Services Applet. It allows you to start, stop, pause, restart etc… the services.

The software has an installable version as well as a stand alone version that does not keep any files on your pc (possibly good for transporting the program by USB key)

In conclusion I found this to be a very user friendly, intuitive program that combined widnows tasks as well as added some additional functionality. I will defiantly be adding this one to my list of support programs.

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