Klok Personal Time Tracking Software

Its been a bit over due but if you are an individual that would like to use Klok to track your own time contact us today. No previous experience using earlier versions of Klok is necessary. We are currently seeking users on Windows platforms, but will be expanding to include Mac and Linux users soon. If you are interested please see the main Klok site at http://klok.mcgraphix.com


KlokWork is an underlying pluggable architecture that allows Klok to talk to server-based systems. This could be an external system such as FreshBooks or GetHarvest or an internal home-grown time tracking system. We are currently looking for small organizations or teams (6 or fewer users) to test this functionality. In this first round of testing, Klok will connect to our own deployed server environment that will allow for group based reporting. So you do not need to host your own server or have existing accounts with any third-party vendor. Later rounds of testing will include integration other providers.

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