Here is a small review of a USB Flash drive I just picked up.
I bought a PNY 4GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Micro Swing Attache drive from Staples for $17.99

I havent been using it for long but so far I really like it. It has a push button on the side that make the USB connecter “flip out” from the side of the device. It comes in several different colors ( I picked Blue) so you can keep different drives for different purposed or even one for each family member. Another thing I liked about the drive is that it has a small hole in the end to attach it to a key ring. I seem to always leave mine on my desk but usually always have my keys.

I have installed almost 1GB of portable apps on it so far and have plenty of room for my other needed docs.

For only $17 you cant go wrong with this one. If you have one please let me know your opinion of it by posting a comment.

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