In a previous post (see it here ) I wrote about a problem I was having with my Dell Studio 1737 laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit edition.

I was experiencing an intermitent problem where the CPU would hover at close to 50% even when the laptop was idle.
After reseting my laptop back to factory condition I continued to see the same problem.
I finally resolved the issue but updating the system BIOS and firmware or drivers for the following items.
  • Soundcard
  • Internal Card Reader
  • Chipset
  • Integrated Web Cam
  • Video card.
Unfortunately I did not definitively determine the exact update from above that solved the problem as the problem was so intermittent but by installing one or more of the above updates did resolve the issue.
I was able to download the above updates directly from I entered my service tag and was able to download each of the update files above. ( NOTE that you may need to restart the laptop after some of the installs)
On another note I have also upgraded the laptop to Windows 7. I will post about that process soon.
Please post a comment if this helps.