I had a client come to me with a Windows Vista 64 bit laptop that displayed an error on startup.

The error was related to a file lxcgtime.dll. It appears that it is a file related to a Lexmark printer the user had installed but no longer uses.
I read about the possibility of copying the file from another pc and putting it in the same location (C:WINDOWSsystem32spooldrivers643LXCGtime.dll) in case the file was corrupted, however that did not work.
The user just recently purchased an HP printer but I am not sure if the printer software that came with it somehow conflicted with the Lexmark software.
I ended up doing a full un-install of the Lexmark printer software from the Windows Control panel. After a reboot the error no longer appears.
As always this may mot be the only solution but “It Fixed it for me”
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