Helpful CommandsHere are a couple of BitLocker drive encryption commands that I thought I would mention. I realize that there are many posts about encryption so I will add my two cents in case you need some specific examples. Note that Bitlocker is available in Microsoft Vista and Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise Editions as well as Windows 10 and Server versions.

How to check BitLocker Status on a remote pc

manage-bde -status -cn COMPUTERNAME

How to change a BitLocker TPM pin on a remote pc connected to a Domain:

manage-bde -changepin -cn COMPUTERNAME

How to add a Bitlocker recovery key to Active Directory for a remote PC:

manage-bde -protectors -add C: -cn COMPUTERNAME

Please note that your AD has to have the necessary schema extensions before the above command will work.
I will add a few more later but I hope these will help someone.
Please post a comment if you have some more to add.