Here are a few command line checks that a colleague of mine sent to me. I believe he put them together from several other places so I figured I would put them all in one place for easy reference. These apparently work on Windows 7, Vista and XP but I have not tested each one on each OS. So please let me know if you find one that doesn’t work.

For details about the motherboard:

C:> wmic baseboard list full

For CPU information:

C:> wmic cpu list full

Get Motherboard - Manufacturer and Serial Number:

C:> gwmi win32_baseboard

CPU information - Description, Manufacturer, and Speed:

C:> gwmi win32_processor

Check the drive status:

C:> Get-WmiObject -class MSStorageDriver_FailurePredictStatus -Namespace rootWMI | Select Active, PredictFailure

Check the battery:

C:> gwmi Win32_Battery | select est*