In working with Symantec Netbackup I have put together a few command line tools that I use frequently to move tapes around the tape library.

The first one is “robtest”. This program is usually located in the c:program filesnetbackupvolmgrbin folder and allows you to check various functionality of an attached tape library.
Here are some examples that you would type at the command line:

s d

The above command should list the status of the tape drives with items such as tape number loaded in the drive.

s s

The above command should show you the status of the tape library slots. Beware that if you have a large tape library the results may show on more than one screen.

m s1 d1

The above command should move a tape loaded in Slot 1 to Drive 1. For each of the numbers you can adjust for the slot and drive number accordingly.
unload d1
The above command should unload a tape in Drive1 and prepare it for movement back to a slot or removal.

m d1 s1

The above command should move the unloaded tape from Drive 1 and put it back in Slot 1
I will try to add others as soon as I have time to put a few words together about each.
Please feel free to post your own.