In this short example I am going to show you how to create an Excel Forecasting Worksheet to graph out with a certain percentage of accuracy a forecast of future number of calls. This example uses Excel 2016.

This example is going to start with some historical data for the past 6 years worth of call volume.

Excel Forecasting Sheet data

Excel Forecasting Sheet data

To create the Excel Forecasting Worksheet highlight the data you want to get the forecast for. In the above sheet we would highlight A1:B7. Then on the DATA menu in the FORECAST group click on FORECAST SHEET.  This will bring up the Create Forecast Worksheet window.

create forecast sheet

Create Forecast Worksheet Window

Above the options link is a spinner type box that allows you to extend the time frame of your forecast.

If you expand the “Options” link you will get some additional options to customize your forecast such as when in the chart to start the forecast as well as the desired “Confidence level” which by default is set to 95%

Excel forecast options

Excel Forecast Worksheet Options

After you click Create, a new worksheet will be created with the forecast chart as well as table data showing the data points on the chart. You then have the option of moving and resizing the Forecast Chart as desired.  See the final result below.

Excel Forecast Worksheet and Chart

Excel Forecast Worksheet and Chart

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