Missing Row and Column Headings

This is a question I received for the first time during my latest Excel 2016 Class. My student mentioned that she had missing row and column headings on her spreadsheet. Although this is not a problem with Excel or error with the spreadsheet itself, new users may not be aware that there is an option within Excel to show or hide headings.

A normal spreadsheet will look like the image below with the Column Headings (letters indicating the columns) across the top the cells and Row Headings (numbers to the left of the cells).

Excel with Row and Column Headings visible

Show or Hide Row Headings

To check if the headings have been disabled, you can click on the View tab in Excel then in the Show icon group find the Headings checkbox.

Show or hide excel row or column headings

With this box cleared Excel looks like the below image with missing row and column headings.

Excel missing row and column headings

To make the row and column heading visible again click to checkbox. Your row and column heading should be visible again.

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