How to fix “Boot Device Not Found” error.

How do you you fix an HP pc that does not boot? Upon starting up I get the dreaded “Boot Device Not Found” error. The pc in question is a clients pc. It is an HP with a 500GB Seagate hard drive.

Boot Device Not Available

First thing I checked is is the hard drive is in fact in the pc and connected. It was. Next was to check if the hard drive was in a failed state. Seagate has a handful of support utilities for situations like this. The utility I used for this pc was called SeaTools. SeaTools and the other Seagate support downloads can be found here (

Download SeaTools

The SeaTools download is about 25MB in size. It will create a bootable USB drive that you can use on the affected system to test the hard drive for errors.

Seagate Seatools

After booting up you will be presented with a screen like the one below. There are several options to choose from but the options listed under the Basic Tests icon were all I need to determine the state of the hard drive.

Seagate failed hard drive

As you can see from above, the tests I selected and ran show a failed hard drive. We have now found the culprit to “Boot Device Not Found”. At this point I decided to order a new replacement hard drive and rebuild the pc for the client.

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