How to add a call out Arrow to an Excel Spreadsheet

Lets pretend that you have an Excel Spreadsheet with an important number that you do not want your viewers to miss. How do you add a call out arrow to your spreadsheet? Below is our sample spreadsheet with a total under the last row of data. We want to bring the viewers attention to this number immediately. There are several ways to hand but for this example we are going to add an arrow shape as a solution.

Excel call out arrow

Add an Arrow Shape

To add a call out arrow click the INSERT menu. In the Illustrations icon group find the Shapes icon and click it.

Insert Shape
Insert Shape

When you click on Shapes you will get a popup menu as shown below with many different shapes you can add to your spreadsheet.

Insert Shapes
Choose your call out arrow direction

Click on of the Block Arrows. I will choose the arrow pointing to the left for this spreadsheet. Then click on your spreadsheet and drag your cursor to resize the arrow to your needs. You can move or resize the arrow after it is added if you do not make it the correct size to start.

Spreadsheet with call out arrow
Spreadsheet with call out arrow

You can’t really miss looking at the total number now can you?

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