PowerPoint Photo Slide Show

There are many programs available to create photo slide shows, however many users do not realize that you can create a Photo Slide Show in PowerPoint. Below are steps that will allow you to create a Photo Slide Show using PowerPoint 2016.

Start by opening PowerPoint and create a new document. In this example I am going to start the first slide with a title and date created as shown below.

How to create a PowerPoint photo slide show

Next on the INSERT menu in the Images Icon Group click the Photo Album icon to insert the necessary photos you would like to use for your slides.

PowerPoint Slide Show
Select Photo Album

The below box will pop up allowing you to select the photos for your slide show. Select the File/Disk button to select the photos. I have found it easier to place all of the photos in the same folder then select all of the files at the same time. PowerPoint will create one slide per photo by default but there are options to use more than one photo per slide.

Choose photos for slide show
Select photos for PowerPoint slide show
Choose your photos

Once you select the desired photos, click the Insert button. You will then need to put a check mark next to each picture to use in the center box.

Check the selected photos
Check the photos you would like added

Notice at the bottom of the above pic there is a section to change the picture layout. This is where you can choose the option to display more than one picture per slide.

PowerPoint layout options
Layout Options

At this point you technically have a working slide show but we do not have any slide transitions or timings to auto advance the slides.

PowerPoint Slide Transitions

There are quite a few available transition options for your slides. Each slide can have its own different transition however depending on the number of slides it may be time consuming to change each one separably. PowerPoint does have the option to select your favorite transition and apply it to all of the slides automatically. There is also a “Random” option that can be applied to all slides and essentially give you a different transition per slide. The below options can be found on the TRANSITIONS tab in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint slide transitions
PowerPoint slide transitions

For my Example I am going to select the Fade option and apply it to all of the slide. Select the first slide and then choose the Fade icon from the Transitions menu. On the right side of the menu bar you will see a button “Apply To All” as shown below. If you click this button the Fade transition will be applied to all slides currently in your slide show.

Apply slide transition
Apply setting to all slides

PowerPoint Slide Timings

We now have a PowerPoint Photo Slide Show that has multiple photos and a transition between slides however at this point the slides will advance only on a mouse click. We need to set the timing of around 4 seconds per slide. After the set amount time the slide will advance to the next slide automatically. To set or adjust this timing you can find the option on the TRANSITIONS tab again. Leaving the “On Mouse Click” box checked will allow you the option to manually advance a slide rather than waiting the 4 seconds.

PowerPoint slide show timing
Adjust the time as desired.

After you set the time you can can click the “Apply to All” button again to apply this timing to all slides. Save your document and run the show.

You now have a simple photo slide show that will auto advance. There are many options in PowerPoint to customize this further. Please watch for future articles for more information.

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