Word Count in Microsoft Word

Have you ever needed to get the word, page, paragraph or line count in an MS Word Document? Below are some examples of how to count the words in any amount of selected text including a sentence, paragraph or entire document. In this example I have a sample document with some generic filler text. Students who need to create an essay of 1000 words (for example) may find this helpful.

Generic MS Word document
How to get the number of words in an MS Word document

Counting words for an entire document

To count words in an entire document you have several options. The easiest is to click on the REVIEW tab then in the Proofing Icon Group click on the Word Count icon.

Word Count for Entire Doc
Word Count for Entire Doc

This will bring up a small popup box with some useful word count statistics including Pages, Words, Characters, Paragraphs and Lines.

Word Count Statistics
Word Count Statistics

Another option to get the total number of words is to look at the bottom left of the MS Word window and you will see the count of words in the full document.

Word Count for a single paragraph

First lets select the entire paragraph we would like get the word count for. The easiest way to do this is to Triple Click a word inside the desired paragraph. Triple Clicking the word will select the entire paragraph. You can also use the click and drag method to highlight the paragraph if you prefer.

Single Paragraph Word Count
Select a single paragraph

With the paragraph selected you can simple look at the bottom left of the MS Word window and you will see the count of the selected words as well as the count of words on the whole document.

Selected Word Count
Number of words in the selected paragraph

Counting words for selected text

This works very similar to a single paragraph. You can click and drag to highlight any amount of text. Then look at the bottom left of MS Word. You will see the count of words for the selected text. Using the REVIEW tab then using the Word Count icon in the Proofing icon group will also bring up the same popup windows with the stats for the selected text.

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