Again I am dropping the ball on updated this blog on a regular basis. Not enough hours in the day I guess…

Anyway over the next couple of weeks I will be posting several articles about My Top 10 Most Useful Free Programs. This is a collection of programs that I have put together based on years of testing out countless apps. From being in an IT support postion. (see for more info) all of these programs I use on almost a daily basis if not hourly basis. Here is the intial list. I will be posting a mini article about each one in the upcoming days…stay tuned.

Top 10 Most Useful Free Programs

1. Open Office
2. Klok
3. ZoneAlarm
4. Portable Apps Suite
6. FileZilla
7. AVG AntiVirus
8. CCleaner
9. Ad-Aware
10. SpyBot Search and Destroy

If anyone has any others to add please drop me a note as my list will inevitably change over time.