Next on my product review list is a small free program called PDF Creator by
The version I tested was PDF Creatore version 0.9.8 I downloaded from Filehippo. I am running Windows Vista 64 bit but I assume it will work the same on other versions as well.
The program was  small download that basically installs some printer drivers that will convert files into Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
As you can see from the picture above a new printer is installed on your pc as “PDFCreator”
When you need to convert a file to a pdf you can simply click the progams print icon and select the printer called PDFCreator. You will then be show the below screen to enter some additional info about your file.

After hitting the Save button you will then have a standard PDF file that will open in the standard Acrobat Reader. You can then email the file or post it online etc…
I regularly build (or rebuild) client pcs that have problems and this one will now be added to my list of programs to install.
Please post any comments or suggestions if you use any other PDF creation software as I am always looking to test new programs.

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