Antivirus System PRO is apparently a new rogue program that infects your pc then nags you about false infections in attempt to scam the user to purchase the software. Antivirus System PRO will nag the user with bogus pop ups claiming infections that are not really present. For example, I had a pc with this infection that was the network cable was removed from pc that continuously displayed a popup message that there was an attack underway from seemingly random ip addresses.

This infection is removed by using my favorite spyware removed program, Malwarebytes.
Here is how I removed this infection

  1. Boot the Pc into SAFE mode
  2. Login as the Admin user
  3. Install Malwarebytes if its not already installed ( I used a USB key to transfer the most recent installer to the infected pc) and update the definitions to the current database.
  4. Run a full scan on the infected pc
  5. Reboot once the scan is done
  6. Again login in safe mode as the Admin User
  7. Run a full scan again to ensure that the infections are gone.
  8. I then rebooted into normal mode and logged in as a regular user.
  9. I ran the scan again just to triple check. ( if there is more than one normal user repeat for each user)
  10. The Pc should now be clean

Hope this helps.
As always this may mot be the only solution but “It Fixed it for me”
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