As you may have already heard Samsung has released an update for the Samsung Omnia SCH-i910 Cell phone. The latest update is the CF03 and is available from the Samsung website.

There is a fairly straight forward install directions page located here. This page is for performing the upgrade on a Windows XP (32bit) system. There is also a version available for Vista (32bit)
At this time the 64 bit version is not available. ( or at least I couldn’t find it).
A high level overview of the process is listed below.
  • Installation Of Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5
  • Backup Data from the SCH-i910 to the Computer Using ActiveSync 4.5
  • Downloading of the Software Upgrade to the Phone
  • Verification of the Phone’s Software Version
As I already had ActiveSync 4.5 installed I moved on the next step.
After I backed up the data to my PC I downloaded the upgrade app. Be aware the app is about 125MB to download. The download is a zip file to you will need to unzip the file to run it.
Just double click the app and follow the on screen instructions. After the process completes successfully all user data and settings will be gone and will need to be set again. This includes any apps that you may have purchased separatly. For example I bought SPB Pocket Plus. After I ran the upgrade I needed to reinstall the app and reenter my serial number. So make sure that it is handy before the upgrade.
The whole upgrade to CF03 process took about 30 minutes and was fairly straight forward. I did encounter one small issue that I was able to overcome. After you backup your files and start the upgrade app it states that you should reset the phone (power cycle) and the upgrade will start automatically.
For me this did not happen. I had to reset the phone a second time. After the second reset the upgrade proceeded normally. Im not sure if this is a know issues but I was very cautious about resetting it again as I have read that it could render your phone useless.
Once the upgrade completed it rebooted the phone and came up to the first Windows Mobile set up wizard ( for the touch screen).
I have been restoring all of my data and settings but so far all seems to work well. There have been a few UI updates that are noticable including a better touch keyboard feel. The GPS receiver has also been unlocked for third party apps.
As the Samsung website states there is link to customer support if needed.
Now if I can only get Google Maps to connect to the GPS I will be all set.
Good Luck.