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The Best Free Software to Install on You...

Free Software

For the students in my “Intro to Personal Computers” class. Here is a good article (not created by me) that goes over some of the many software we talked about in class. The list includes Firefox – Web Browser LibreOffice – Office Applications GIMP – Image Editing Pixlr – Image Editing Google Photos – Image Editing […]

Office 365 Propels Turbine Test Services...

Office 365 Propels Turbine Test Services to New Heights

is excited to share the latest from Microsoft – a short video highlighting small business hero Scott Naucler. Scott owns Turbine Test Services, a professional services company with four employees who work remotely to maintain wind turbines along America’s wind corridor. Scott relies on Office 365 not only to work flexibly and collaboratively with his employees, but also to keep him organized when he’s pursuing his passion – building and flying Cessna planes.
Office 365 helps Scott get the most out of his work and his passion. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you do the same.

What to do when Outlook will not connect...

What to do when Outlook will not connect to Office 365

I have been migrating many clients over to Office 365 lately. Every so often Outlook will have a problem making the initial connection. Microsoft has created a nice tool that can fix many of the issues. It’s worth a shot. The free download is available at this link HTTPS:// ITFixed it for me many times […]

Office 365 Free Training

Office 365 Free Training

As Office 365 is gaining popularity and more and more small businesses are migrating to it I have come accross some decent free training. Micrsoft has some Office 365 training at the link below It is separated into sections for IT Pros, Small Businesses and End Users. Have a look.