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Wordpress Tips and Tricks

I have compiled a set of useful WordPress Resources to help build a website using WordPress. These include links to SEO guides, free images, free WordPress themes, Logo builders, online image editing tools and much more. These were initially for my class students however any new web designer may benefit from at least some of the resources. Please note that I am not responsible for the content on the sites linked below.

Free Images and Tools

On the below websites you will find many free images and online image editing tools that can be very helpful as you build your WordPress websites.

  • Unsplash – Beautiful Free Photos
  • freepik – Graphic resources including free vectors, stock photos and icons.
  • pixabay – Stunning free images and royalty free stock
  • DesignEvo – Free online logo maker
  • Lunapic – Online imaged editor

Search Engine Optimization Info

Below is a list of recent WordPress resources specific to SEO guides and tips. These should help you optimize your site for speed and performance. I cannot take any credit for any of the guides listed below.

Performance Testing Tools

WordPress Performance Tips
Performance Testing Tool

After you build your site you should not simply make it live. Even though WordPress does most of the work for you to get your site working you will likely still need to optimize it for speed and performance. Below are some sites we go over in class to help pinpoint areas on your site that need to be optimized or tweaked for better performance and speed.

Misc Tools and Links

WordPress generic text generator
Generic Text Generator

These links don’t really fit into any of the above categories above.

For some of my other WordPress Articles. If you have any feedback or other methods to successfully update your WordPress plugins please leave a comment below. Please consider subscribing below for email updates on new posts.

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