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The Best Free Software to Install on Your New Computer

Free Software

For the students in my “Intro to Personal Computers” class. Here is a good article (not created by me) that goes over some of the many software we talked about in class. The list includes Firefox – Web Browser LibreOffice – Office Applications GIMP – Image Editing Pixlr – Image Editing Google Photos – Image Editing […]

Excel Pivot Table Example

Excel Pivot Table Example Many students and other Excel users often ask me what a pivot table is in Excel. Most users really have never needed them. It really is a rather useful tool if you know how to use it. I have put together this small Excel Pivot Table Example to help students understand […]

Updated Class Schedules

Microsoft Excel 2016 Class Update

Due to the snow storms this winter the Excel class schedules needed to be adjusted. There are still open seats available for each of the classes below. The new start dates are listed below. Updated Excel Class Schedules Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2016 – Franklin MA 4 Sessions starting Wed 4/25/2018 from 6-9pm More Info Advanced Microsoft […]